LINKSHARE: Fire, photos & raspberries

It’s been a busy week–first furiously writing a paper for school, then recovering from the marathon writing session and resting up for another weekend of studying.  But I’ve come across some interesting things in my internet journeys, things I want to remember to share with people.

Oh, and this image came through the intern and junior staff lunch invitation email today, and I couldn’t resist.


FROM NPR: Music that burns, literally, by Robert Krulwich (4.23.2014)
Pyromusic–fire that responds

FROM SUPERCHIEF: 80 photos from Old New York (1970’s-1989) (11.8.2011)
An old post, but the photos are still one of my favorite collections.  A lot of graffiti.

FROM WIKIPEDIA: Where the phrase “blowing a raspberry” comes from
My officemate and I had a whole discussion about this and she knew this, so I’m sharing (I think it’s funny)

Have a great weekend.  I’ll be writing a paper and preparing a video presentation.